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The incomplete transformation of insects
For some insects, there is a radical difference between larval and adult forms, and this is especially true of butterflies and moths, which creep around like larvae in their larval stages only to become flying insects. In many cases, the strikingly beautiful wings do not subject all insects to radical changes. Groups of insects change their appearance very little as they evolve into adults. These insects, which include cockroaches and dragonflies, are said to undergo an incomplete transformation.
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1. Roaches
More than 4000 species of cockroaches are found naturally in forests and in human dwellings. Cockroaches come out at night to feed on anything that no longer lives. Although the life span varies, the average takes about two years. Female cockroaches that are larger than their peers Of males, that multiply on numerous occasions during their lives, the females usually produce the state of eggs they hold in their stomachs of approximately 40 offspring out of the egg case, and after the spawning of the eggs the cockroaches pass through a series of sauces and growth periods, Each successive shake, the last load produces the shape that owns the wings It produces.

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2- Abu Musk
The names of Abu Musk are derived from the myth that ear shells creep into the ears of the sleepers. The species that include the clipper include two winged and winged species, 10 to 50 mm. The genders show differences in the most distinctive features in the ear, such as the pliers or cerci, where The males have more curved cerci, and the ears have a pair of wings one under the other.
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