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Insects are the hexagonal head invertebrates and the largest group within the articular division. The definitions and limitations vary. Insects usually consist of a class within arthropods. Insects contain an external structure of chitin,
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a tripartite body of the head, chest, and abdomen; three pairs of twisted legs, compound eyes, a pair of antennas, Is the most diverse group of animals. It includes more than one million species described and represents more than half of all known organisms. The insects undergo three stages of change in their life cycle. They have an incomplete transformation while the complete transformation has four stages.
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Complete transformation stages of insects
The first stage of the unfinished transformation is the egg. During this time the insect will hatch in a form called the nymph. The nymph is basically a small version of adult insects. This is very similar to how a child looks like his parents. Nymphs usually have thin outer structures. There are wings, they eat the same food as their parents and live in the same place, and with the growth of insects nymphs, the outer structure becomes very narrow and must be replaced.

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Once the mummy passes through its outer structure, it will pass through a process called feathers, the second stage, in which the old skin or the outer structure is left behind, replaced by the new skin that will harden and become the new outer structure. This will happen several times until the insect finally becomes the size of an adult. The final transformation to become a complete transformation.
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