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Disassembly of large composite pieces
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The most successful technology in moving furniture is to disassemble large pieces of furniture whenever possible, from beds, wardrobes, large wardrobes, and even some moving leather seats. This saves you a lot of effort and reduces the likelihood of damaged furniture. Or physical injuries during transport.
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Develop a plan to move furniture easily
The furniture should not be moved in such a way as circumstances dictate, ie you must know in advance where to move and where to arrive, through a plan that includes:
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Where to start moving furniture, and from which rooms we will go, and here it is preferable to start moving items in the same order that will be placed in the truck according to him, if or what is placed in the truck from the front are large electrical devices heavy weight such as refrigerator and washing machine, First transferred.
Where furniture will be assembled: In order to save a lot of steps that are not only useless, but also may waste time and cause losses, you must specify a particular place to assemble the furniture loaded truck s so that each piece is moved only once.
It will also be very useful to use hand carts or trolleys for handling furniture, to provide effort.
All of these tips help you reduce the cost of moving furniture to an acceptable price. The Gulf offers the best shipping services from Riyadh to Dubai, shipping from Riyadh to Kuwait, shipping from Riyadh to Jordan, calling to get the cheapest prices with huge discounts
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